Faith: a live experience

Faith: a live experience


Welcome to the official solo project of FAITH FEDERICA SCIAMANNA.

Federica Sciamanna, aka Faith, started studying music and piano at the age of 7.
At the age of 14 she started composing her first demo pieces and playing acoustic and electric guitar. Shortly afterwards she started performing live with various rock bands and gave life to the project THE SHIVER.

At the age of 16 she came in touch with the music teacher Francesco Mecorio and studied singing and vocal technique with him for 3 years. Afterwards, for about 10 years she studied with the teacher and Vocal Coach Nina Ricci, known for her technical and stylistic experimentation.


Federica is founder, composer and singer of the alternative / goth / rock band THE SHIVER with which she recorded the first demo “Introspection” in 2003. After the start of a massive live concert activity throughout Europe, the band recorded a new demo, “Shade’s Changing”, which was released by Falp Records. Subsequently The Shiver signed a contract with the UK Division Records UK label and re-entered the studio to record “Inside”, released on 21 January 08, distributed in Italy by Andromeda Dischi and Europe/USA for CODE7 through PHD.

In 2008 Federica composed and recorded another album with The Shiver at the West Link Recording Studio in Pisa, produced by Alessandro Paolucci (Raw Power, Rebel Devil).
The band signeded an agreement with the Californian label Reality Entertainment for the release of the album “A New Horizon” in the United States, while in Europe the album was released by the Dreamcell11 label (Aural Music) and then again by RoadRunner BENELUX in 2011. In addition, The Shiver signed a publishing agreement with Warner Chappell Music Worldwide.

While the official videoclips of the first two singles are being released, The Shiver continues the intense activity of live concerts throughout Europe. In June 2011, The Shiver was support band for Papa Roach’s Russian tour and opened the Misfits tour in Germany and Poland in 2012. In the same year they released an EP called “Acoustic Experience #1”.

In March 2014 Alternative Factory released “The Darkest Hour”, an album produced by Vincenzo Mario Cristi (Vanilla Sky).
Among the most important live performances, the band has played with famous artists such as The Ark (swe) and Negramaro (ita) in addition to the aforementioned Vanilla Sky.

In Autumn 2014, the band was involved in the Italian part of God Is An Astronaut’s tour. In April and May 2016, the band was in the studio with the soundengineer Luigi Stefanini to record a new album that has been released in 2017 (“Adeline”).
In October 2016, The Shiver participated in the Australian band’s Dead Letter Circus European tour, together with the Polish band Disperse.

In November, they toured with Tarja (ex-Nightwish) in Europe’s most beautiful theatres (e.g. Casino de Paris).

In Autumn 2018 the band is official opening act for The Rasmus’ EU tour.

In 2019 the albums “The Darkest Hour” and “Adeline” have been re-released by WormholeDeath and published by Carlo Bellotti Publishing.


Federica performed with the famous DJ Giuseppe Ottaviani, as vocalist, on the stages of NATURE ONE, both in Poland and Germany. She also collaborated on his album “GO” released in 2009 with Vandit Records / Universal as vocalist and lyrics author. In 2013 she sang Ottaviani’s song “Nothing Wrong”.

The song “Fallen”, composed by Giuseppe Ottaviani and featuring Faith, has been chosen as the soundtrack for the film “Zweiohrküken”, produced by Barefoot Films and Warner Bros.

Faith collaborated with DJ Luca Roccotiello for the song “Another Direction”.
She also collaborated with the trance dj Ciaran Mcauley for the song “I’m Coming Home” published by Together Recordings in 2016.


Faith collaborated on the first album of The Way Of Purity (grind / metalcore) recording synths on various tracks of the album and voice on one of the tracks. The album was released on Wormhole Death Records. During the months of March, April and May 2009 TWOP performed more than 40 gigs in the main European clubs (Underworld in London, K17 in Berlin, etc.) and Faith took part in the tour as the band’s lead singer.
In December 2010 the band TWOP opened the German tour of Belphegor and Gorgoroth as main opening act. TWOP performed at EXIT Festival, Serbia, among many other huge events.

In 2019, after a long separation, Faith joined this cult project again and composed and sang a new Full-Length: “Schwarz Oder Rot”, released with Wormhole Death Records in January 2020.


Federica worked on the song “Until the End” with the death metal band Afterhell (Mexico) with a featuring.

She worked with guitarist/singer Antonio Topino translating the lyrics of his songs into English and participating in live concerts as keyboardist and backing vocalist.

Faith has collaborated with the Russian guitarist Valeriy Ganderberg.

For the djent Thessa project, she recorded the song “Twins” in 2015.

Federica collaborated with Andrea Seki (Celtic harpist), performing live at the Montelago Celtic Festival in 2014 and recording a song for his latest album.

Faith is Lady Heich (lead vocals) for the folk/irish band HEICH, performing live at many shows including the Bundan Celtic Festival and the Triskell Celtic Festival. She also composed the first album of this project together with the band.


Federica has been teaching singing since January 2009.

In December 2012 she founded the Backstage Academy with her colleague Francesco Finch Russo. The structure began as a rehearsal room and music school in Viterbo, then over the years it opened another seven venues in Italy and Spain.

Federica has been the artistic director of many venues and music festivals over the years. To mention: Caffeina Cultura Festival 2015, Subway VT, MagnaMagna VT, Toto’s VT, Bistrot Teatro Caffeina.

Faith appears in the Netflix series “LUNA NERA” and also in the BBC / RAI television programme “Leonardo”, directed by Alexis Sweet.

In September 2018 the first book written by Faith was published in English and Italian: “Tour Stories”/ “Storie Di Tour”, for Scatole Parlanti, Alter Ego Edizioni.



In September 2021 Faith releases her second book “THE SHIVER Tourdiary 2018, on the road with the band” as a free gift for all the friens and fans.







Two different live sets: Rock, Acoustic/Ambient

The live shows of this artist are available in three different moods, depending on the location and the context of the concert.


The Rock Show:

The live rock version is available exclusively in FULL BAND version (four elements including Faith).

The album is played in its most powerful version and enhanced by the sound of rock instruments: drums, bass and guitar are live on stage to create the perfect rock scenery around Faith (vocals and synth).

Link to Private Live @ Teatro Ariston, San Remo:


The Acoustic/Ambient Event:

The acoustic event is available in full band or duo version (guitar and Faith). The warmth of the instruments and the skill of the musicians will contribute to make the night magical. Get ready for a journey into your deepest emotions.


Links to the BLANK PAGE Live Streaming Release Concert

FB Cam

Insta Cam

The band:Faith has always selected the best musicians to support her on stage. The resident band of this project is formed by:
Francesco Finch Russo – drums
Mauro Morris Toti – bass
Iacopo Palla – Guitar

The Album



FAITH’s solo album is entitled “Priestess”.

Produced by Marco Chiereghin, it will be released in November 2020 on Epictronic Records and Carlo Bellotti Publishing.


All the graphics and the visual concept are produced by Riccardo Ceppari and Martina Pizzi – Winterlight Studio.

The entire concept is based on the search for an ancient union in harmony with the Universe. The Earth, Nature, all the Animals, have always been in sync with the frequency of Cosmos. Man of this age has yet to learn to live with them.



“At first Eurinome, Goddess of All Things, emerged naked from the Chaos and found nothing solid to lay her feet on: so she divided the sea from the sky and started to dance on the waves.

Welcome to this journey.


“Beneath the clouds lives the Earth-Mother from whom is derived the Water of Life, who at her bosom feeds plants, animals and humans.

Keep walking with me.


It all started with a personal journey back to the moment of Mother Nature’s creation.

The Universe is incredible, it’s perfection. We can only watch it breathlessly.

Once we become aware of what is around us, we can begin to understand it on a different spiritual level.


Nothing will ever be the same again.

The change has already happened in your mind, day after day, you already know it.


Follow your instincts, forget the things you thought you knew, because they probably don’t even exist.

Follow me and become One.

Freedom is everywhere. Are you ready for this trip?”



Technical rider

(this technical rider is to be defined in detail each time, it is possible to modify it according to the needs of the location and it is possible to add P.A., soundengineer and sound system)



Central position. ONLY VOICE of the band + electronics.


What she has on stage:

– her microphone,

– a computer stand on her left side, a mac, a Focusrite audio device, another computer stand on her right side with a midi controller (needs D.I. for stereo signal – I send audio clips and synths played with the midi controller but coming out of the sound card),

– a chaos pad attached with a clip to the microphone stand (needs D.I. for stereo signal).


What she needs:

– a power socket

– two stereo D.I.


Francesco Finch Russo



What he needs

– drums complete with floor tom and 2 toms

– snare drum with snare rod

– bass drum pedal

– cymbals 1 Hi hat, 2 crash, 1 ride

– seat


What he needs

– a power socket

– a monitor


Iacopo Palla



What he needs

– guitar

– pedalboard

– guitar head or Kemper

– guitar amplifier


What he needs

– a power socket

– a monitor


Mauro Toti

Bass guitar


What He Carries

– 5-string bass guitar

– pedalboard

– head ampeg svt7 pro (if possible do the stage change, otherwise will use the one on site)

– bass guitar head amp


What he needs

– a power socket

– a monitor



Food and non-food allergies:

Faith: asthmatic subject, allergic to dust mites, grasses, cat hair, olive. Cannot eat garlic, onion. Vegetarian.

Francesco Finch Russo: allergic to chocolate.

Mauro Toti: allergic to avocado.

Iacopo Palla: no allergies.

Booker Contacts

EUROPE: Plan B Booking
Mobile 0044 7932458124

ITA: Daniele Raggi
Mobile 3402694024

Artist Contacts

Federica Sciamanna
Mobile 3935690125