It all started with a personal journey back to the moment of Mother Nature's creation.

The Universe is incredible, it's perfection. We can only watch it breathlessly.

Once we become aware of what is around us, we can begin to understand it on a different spiritual level.

Nothing will ever be the same again.

The change has already happened in your mind, day after day, you already know it.

Follow your instincts, forget the things you thought you knew, because they probably don't even exist.

Follow me and become One.

Freedom is everywhere. Are you ready for this trip?



A Tribute to Black Sabbath – by Antichrist Magazine

I am so proud of being part of this Antichrist Magazine tribute to Black Sabbath – one of my fav band of all times. Enjoy this preview! Antichrist Magazine TV

Face The Beat 6 Compilation

I am so stocked to be featured in this new Compilation by Side-Line Music Magazine.


“PRIESTESS” is OUT NOW with Epictronic.

Album Priestess Tomorrow Release

Tomorrow my solo album will be released by Epictronic  and I’ll celebrate it with a special live streaming concert with my band. It was not easy to plan it in…

Today is OUT my solo single n.2 “ALL THE WAY”

Today is OUT my solo single n.2 “ALL THE WAY”. I would like to thank with all my heart and my gratitude the great ppl at #Epictronic, my producer Marco…


“At first Eurinome, Goddess of All Things, emerged naked from the Chaos and found nothing solid to lay her feet on: so she divided the sea from the sky and…