It all started with a personal journey back to the moment of Mother Nature's creation.

The Universe is incredible, it's perfection. We can only watch it breathlessly.

Once we become aware of what is around us, we can begin to understand it on a different spiritual level.

Nothing will ever be the same again.

The change has already happened in your mind, day after day, you already know it.

Follow your instincts, forget the things you thought you knew, because they probably don't even exist.

Follow me and become One.

Freedom is everywhere. Are you ready for this trip?



Prossimi Eventi – Autunno 2023

Dopo una breve pausa, si riparte da stasera con questo nuovo ciclo di eventi autunnali, stagione in cui è importante volgersi all’interno, elaborare la bella e ricca estate da poco…

Lezioni di Canto sul palco del Teatro San Leonardo, Viterbo.

Da quest’anno, tutti i giovedì, terró le mie lezioni individuali di canto sul palco del Teatro San Leonardo. Sono a disposizione per info al 3935690125. Un ringraziamento speciale a tutto…

Corso di Canto Funzionale a.a. 2023/24

Corso di Canto Funzionale (lezioni individuali) @ Backstage Academy Viterbo Fisico Emotivo Mentale Ricentrante Riconnettivo Come ogni anno, si riparte con le lezioni individuali di Canto presso Backstage Academy Viterbo…

Faith and the Irish Folks @ Divino Etrusco, Tarquinia

Join us and dance all night, celebrating the Summer and the Etruscan Wine! Special thanks to all the staff! I love to be back in Tarquinia.

WAO FESTIVAL: I’m so excited for this!

I’m so proud of being a part of this INCREDIBLE FEST!!! Thank you so much to all the WAO Festival 2023 » 7th Edition family! I’ll have a singing lab….

Solo Set with a special guest confirmed in Vetralla Summer Festival

I’ll be performing my solo show in Vetralla on Sunday, 27th of August 2023. Actor and Director Simone Precoma will be my special guest, performing some of his art with…