Andrea Seki feat. Federica Faith – “When The Time Comes”

I am so proud of this new track sung for Celtic harpist Andrea Seki!

🙂 check out this magical music!


Andrea Seki: Neo-Celtic Harp, loops, Fx pedals (harp Fx sound design), vocals, bass synth.

Federica Faith: lead vocals

Daniele Seki: drums

Jo Van Bowel: backing vocals

Alauna Marta Masciola: backing vocals

Original music & lyrics composed by Andrea Seki

Produced by A. Seki / Franky Cosentino

Original Cover Artwork by Brucero

Lyric Video by Winterlight Studio

Artistic direction: Andrea Seki for “Atlanteans Resonances Records”.

Publishing: Magic&Unique Group release date December 21, 2021